This article is about the city near Autobot Headquarters. For politician Sean "Puffy" Berger's hometown, see Central City.
Center City is a city (duh) in the Generation One continuity family.

Center City is the human settlement nearest to the Autobots' concealed headquarters in Oregon. It is home to Sparkplug and Buster. Its leader is Mayor Todd.


Find Your Fate Junior

The Decepticons plan to use the Destruction Beam to create artificial faults under Center City, then trigger an earthquake to destroy it. (Then proceeding on to world capitals.) Earthquake

Sparkplug convinces Mayor Todd to evacuate the city before the beam finishes so that the Autobots can fight the Decepticons without threat of casualties.

Associated characters

Mayor Todd

Mayor Todd is the mayor (duh) of Center City, and an old friend of Sparkplug's.


  • Center City is an analogue to Portland, Oregon, which is where the Witwickys live in some continuities.

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