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Chak and Una are a pair of protohumans in the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family
BW Chak and Una

From them will come the human race a long line of human sidekicks... uh, in several million years.

Chak and Una are young protohumans who befriended the Maximals. It is unclear whether the two are closely related, or if they are actually the offspring of the much larger mature male protohuman occasionally seen defending them.


Beast Wars

Chak and Una were traveling with the protohuman with Dinobot's club and an older primate when one of Megatron's cyber raptors attacked them. Oldy was picked off, and Chak and Una were separated from the group in the scatter. Optimus Primal and Silverbolt saved them, but the other members of the tribe had already fled. Cheetor and Blackarachnia were sent to lead them back to their tribe. Chak and Cheetor bonded quickly, and Una thought that Blackarachnia was cool. Little girl has some weird choices in role models. However, Tarantulas, Waspinator, and three cyber raptors attacked them. Optimus and Silverbolt arrived to save the day again, and Blackarachnia took a shot intended for the kids. She maintained that she slipped. However, the guy with the club arrived and showed the Maximals that they needed to destroy the raptors' control parts. Chak and Una were returned to their family and the Maximals went home, as Tarantulas and Waspinator tried to pull themselves out from under the dead raptors. Cutting Edge

Later, Cheetor took to teaching the children basic tool use as a way of helping them develop. Una was a very fast learner, so much that Megatron decided that she would be useful in helping the Predacons build their Disruptor cannon. Una was kidnapped, though she managed to make Waspinator come apart after transportation, and was used to finish the repairs on the cannon. Rattrap was able to rescue Una, but not before she took a needed stabilizer crystal from the cannon. (She thought it would make a really nice hair pin.) The disruptor exploded, and Una went home. Go with the Flow

After the destruction of the Darksyde, Chak and Una were playing when Inferno and Quickstrike attempted to secure the protohumans' cave dwellings as their new "colony". As the adults defended their home, Una took a club and began bashing the head of the recently scrapped Waspinator. Nemesis Part 1 After the Maximals departed Earth, the protohumans celebrated Waspinator's ascension as their leader with a ritual feast, during which Una used Quickstrike's decapitated head as a ceremonial mask. Nemesis Part 2


  • Given their recurring role, Chak and Una are the closest thing Beast Wars had to token children characters. That show had some advantages, eh?

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