Charger is a Decepticon in the Generation One continuity family.

More like 'Charge of the BRIGHT Brigade' am-i-rite!?!

Charger's function of "Flamethrower" suits him well. He loves the smell of burning Autobot in the morning. He's hot-tempered, with a hair-trigger. Even when not enraged, this Action Master is introverted and unsociable. He enjoys melting his enemies into pools of molten metal, but won't even take part in a mission unless there's something in it for him. He spends his spare time studying how to harness the energy emitted from a burning meteor. His Action Master partner is Fire Beast.

Note: Charger's function, motto, Tech Specs, and personality description are all cribbed from the Dinobot Slag. Whether they're meant to be the same character, have any connection, or if the UK copy writers just got lazy, is unknown. The bit about the meteor is possibly a reference to the G1 Cartoon episode "War of the Dinobots."

Italian name: Lampo


Fun Publications comics

Charger and Fire Beast somehow appear at the interdimensional hub known as the Axiom Nexus and are waiting to be "processed"... Transcendent: Part 1


Generation One

G1 Charger toy
  • Charger (1991)
    • Accessories: Rifle, Fire Beast partner, Fire Beast's flamethrower turret
Charger was one of the European-exclusive Action Masters released there after the Generation One Transformers line was cancelled in the US. Fire Beast forms a backpack/battle helmet for Charger.

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