"Blackrock assures me that electrical feedback from this oil rig would definitely not turn anyone into a supervillain."

The name or term Charlene refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Charlene (disambiguation).

Charlene is a human in the Generation One continuity.

Charlene Welles is a correspondent for a television news program. She has really bad makeup.


Marvel Comics continuity

Charlene Welles interviewed G.B. Blackrock on location about his new state-of-the-art oil-drilling platform.[1] Blackrock turned the question session towards Josie Beller, the rig's designer. Beller explained how the rig's automated defenses were impenetrable. This information was broadcast live into millions of televisions, including the Decepticon Shockwave's, who decided to attack the oil rig. He quickly proved the claims that the defenses were "impenetrable" to be untrue.

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