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Che is a Maximal from the Beast Machines portion of the Generation One continuity family.

A battle chariot created using blueprints stolen from Megatron, Che carries Maximals into battle, smashing through Vehicon hordes easily. It works best with Cheetor, who is able to bring out the greatest performance from it, but can be operated by other Maximals as well.


3H Universe: The Wreckers comics



Beast Machines Snarl rides a black Che Beast Rider on patrol with Longhorn.


Beast Machines

BM Che toy

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  • Che (Beast Rider, 2000)
    • Accessories: 2 missiles
Che is a fairly unique toy, being more of an accessory than action figure. A chariot shaped like a technorganic cheetah-head in yellow, clear-orange and clear-green, Che can carry most Basic-sized toys on its back platform secured by a gripper claw. Pressing down on the top of the cheetah snout winds up the toy’s motor and sends it rolling forward, as well as spinning twin claw-arms when they are put in the forward-facing position. It also has twin spring-loaded missiles in its mouth, and a non-firing twin-barreled blaster revealed under a flip-up panel. The toy was re-released shortly afterwards in clear-blue, clear-orange and black.

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