FANDOM (1997)

—My complaint is about BW toys robot mode heads. For some reason most of them look like chewed caramels. Maybe its just the G1 in me, but I would like to see more heads that look similiar to Cheetor's, or Dinobots., "Swap Meet Louie"[1]


During the Beast Wars line, and especially after the initial few offerings had proved successful, the character designs were frequently quite creative and quite unlike anything seen in earlier Transformers. One area of frequent variation was their robot-mode heads, which sometimes resembled traditional helmeted-head designs, sometimes incorporated organic or bestial elements, and sometimes came totally out of left field.

The less traditional head designs pleased some fans and displeased others, strangely enough. The complaints took various forms, as usual, until some fan hit on a happy phrase, and compared the head designs to chewed caramels. Records suggest this fan was "Swap Meet Louie" of the Usenet group.

Despite this observation and the potential cost savings it seems to promise, there is no indication that designers have abandoned their traditional tools for bags of caramels...yet. Possibly this has something to do with the cost of dental insurance.


  1. Swap Meet Louie's Usenet post was not archived, but this portion was quoted in a reply by Wonko the Sane here

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