Christmas Maximus is an unnamed Autobot from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Autobots, transform and jingle all the way!

"Christmas Maximus" is a company commander, overseeing the platoon Hot Shot served in as a young warrior on Cybertron.

He believes that new recruits require a firm structure to become seasoned officers, and emphasizes mentorship and unit obedience as a result.

Since he's the size of a normal Autobot in robot mode, Christmas Maximus transforms into the world's smallest spacecruiser, or possibly a city for Penbots.


Armada cartoon

Christmas Maximus asked Hot Shot to assume a mentoring position for the gifted but inexperienced Autobot recruit Wheeljack.

Wheeljack was caught in a fire during battle and presumed killed. When an arrogant Autobot officer threatened to convene a court martial against Hot Shot for disobeying orders and going back for him, Optimus Prime intervened and took Hot Shot under his direct command. Past p1 (backstory)


  • "Christmas Maximus," of course, is a fan-coined name for this red and green Fortress Maximus model generic, whose color scheme resembles Quickswitch's.
  • It's possible that Christmas Maximus has been deemed worthy of wielding the Matrix Cannon[1], a non-corporeal weapon that directly taps Primus's power to purify evil. The wielder's nobility acts as a force multiplier for the Matrix Cannon's effectiveness, so let's hope Frankowski was wrong about noblesse oblige, eh?


  1. 3-23-07 Club Exclusive 'Matrix Cannon' Mini-con profile

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