Chomedome is an academic at heart. He only joined the war effort after the Decepticons destroyed Cybertron's Institute for Higher Programming where he did his work. He's tried to use his skills as a programmer to bring an end to the war, but so far has only succeeded in instigating a programming "arms" race. Something of a classic computer programming nerd, he's often a frustration to his cool and very image-conscious Nebulan Headmaster partner, Stylor.

Chromedome followed Fortress Maximus to Nebulos in the hope of leading a peaceful life. When the Nebulans came after them with guns, his response was to remove his head. That was peaceful. Ring of Hate He acquired a new head in the form of Stylor when he was needed to help fight off an attack by Scorponok and the Decepticons. Broken Glass Not long after, he and the other Autobot Headmasters were casually gunned down by their Decepticon counterparts after stopping to help some Nebulans. Love and Steel He spent another period peacefully deactivated before Lord Zarak reunited the Autobots and their partners in return for their leaving the planet. Brothers in Armour

Before they could do so, Chromedome was part of a team that set out to rescue their Targetmaster comrades from the Decepticons. When they were ambushed and Highbrow was dragged off by Scorponok, Chromedome went after them and managed to convince Highbrow and Gort to work together long enough to defeat Scorponok. Worlds Apart Upon arriving on Earth and retrieving what was left of Goldbug, Chromedome and the other Autobots decided to prioritise finding Earth's Autobots, until Chromedome received a message from Spike Witwicky letting him know Scorponok's Decepticon faction had arrived on the planet. Chromedome and the others went back to help and defeated the Decepticons, although Galen was the only casualty of the battle, leaving Fortress Maximus needing a new head. Lucky they met Spike, really. Trial by Fire

Chromedome was damaged during the battle with the Matrix-powered Thunderwing aboard the Ark at the end of the Matrix Quest. All Fall Down Afterwards, while being repaired by Fixit, he suggested going on a "Leg Quest" instead (since his own had been torn off). Funny, funny guy. Eye of the Storm!

He was last seen fleeing in terror from Unicron. Whatever happened to him, it couldn't have been worse than what happened to Brainstorm, Hardhead, and Highbrow in the ensuing battle. On the Edge of Extinction

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