Chromites are a race of aliens in the Generation One continuity family.

Artoo says the chances of survival are seven-hundred and twenty-five to one.

Chromites are a race of humanoid robotic lifeforms who hail from some unknown portion of the galaxy. They stumble into places they really should not be.


Marvel Comics continuity

A Chromite found himself at the Black Hole Bar and Grill in Grand Central Space Station trying to order a "40-weight and a lube chaser," but he hadn't noticed that robots are not welcome on Grand Central Space Station. How he managed to get that far, no one knows, but the bar's owner berated him and had him immediately tossed out the airlock.

The void of space didn't hurt him, but eventually the ravenous jaws of the Mecannibals did. Guess Who the Mecannibals are Having for Dinner?

Presumably, the Chromite in question was recycled and brought back to life as part of the bargain Cloudburst struck with the Mecannibals; they would restore their meals to life, and Sky Lynx would not destroy their valuable robot-spotters. Recipe for Disaster!

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