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Cloning is the process of creating a living organism that is exactly (or nearly) identical to another living organism.

In the case of Transformers, clones are created in a number of different ways, and they need not be identical in both modes to be clones. Indeed the original Transformer Clones, Autobots Fastlane and Cloudraker, and Decepticons Pounce and Wingspan shared only their respective robot modes and had entirely different alternate modes.


Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One cartoon

The Insecticons possessed cloning abilities that allowed them to create clones of themselves using metallic debris. Using this, they were able to increase their numbers from three to potentially hundreds of thousands. A Plague of Insecticons The Decepticons attempted to use the Insecticon clones to produce energon by having the Insecticons ingest organic food, but the Insecticon clones were destroyed by Morphobots. Quest for Survival

Beast Wars

Dinobot Clone

He doesn't know how to quit his ex-lieutenant.

Megatron made a habit out of cloning things, especially in relation to his former lieutenant.


It was established that Transformer clones such as Pounce, Wingspan, Fastlane, and Cloudraker were established by artificially replicating the process that normally leads to Transformer siblings and artificially splitting a spark as it is introduced to a protoform. These pairs are less well-balanced and more co-dependent than naturally occuring siblings.

After the Great Shutdown, Shockwave began research into cloning. He developed several clones of prominent individuals, using technology he had gained when Megatron struck a deal with the Quintessons over the Aerospace Extermination Squadron. When Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus overthrew his regime, Shockwave's clones were not yet ready. The Battlechargers discovered his lab while looking for a CR chamber, finding several of the clones who had yet to be activated. However, the computers were processing the information that Shockwave had downloaded from Vector Sigma, spilling into whatever available memory it could find - including Sunstorm, a clone of Starscream. Generation One ongoing

Descent into Evil

Same as the G1 cartoon, except a lab was needed on Ceti Alpha Seven to do the cloning. When Deathsaurus perfected the process, the genetic matrices were all that he would need.

Too bad Ricochet contaminated all of them. Descent into Evil

Transformers Animated

Starscream apparently had a lot of time on his hands during the fifty solar cycles he spent looking for the All Spark, as he created literally hordes of clones of himself. A Fistful of Energon Five of these clones were given life using part of Starscream's All Spark fragment, and each represented an aspect of the original's personality -- cowardice, egomania, deception, flattery and ... something else. A Bridge Too Close, Part I


Though not stated as such, the Shattered Glass continuity has a cloning process that is performed on Embers. The only known example was when Jazz and Ricochet were created. Though they were referred to as twins, this could still be seen as a crude means of cloning.