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Cobrander is a Beastformer in the Generation One continuity family.

Cobrander is one of the Decepticon Beastformers fighting a war on the planet Beest. His role in the Decepticon Beastformer forces is ruling Jigard, the country in whose interior he was born. He holds the rank of King of Jigard over Emperor Shield Dragon.

English name: King Cobra


Series 2 catalogue story

Cobrander's soul was trapped in a stone statue which, in the course of an overwhelming military victory for the Cybertron Beasts, was being carried by their flying fortress Red Phoenix. They dropped it into a deep ravine, where after some time it was recovered by the ghostly Alligatoron, who had previously been slain by White Leo.



  • Stone Cobra
Beast ID number: ?
The Stone Cobra was a mail-in figure that could only be obtained by sending in the two halves of a "stone tablet" token. One half was included with the Red Phoenix base, while the other came in the Burstsun Special Set ten-pack. The figure was produced by Takara in insufficient numbers to meet the demand, resulting in a second production run. One version has a bare chest where a Beastformer's rubsign should be, while the other has a sticker of White Leo's head.
  • Cobrander (1987)
Beast ID number: 59
Cobrander is an anthropomorphic yellow-brown king cobra in high-tech purple armor. He comes with his "Mahilacore" weapon. He has one of three rubsigns on his chest, revealing the elemental power of fire, water, or wood.


Cobrander's name is a portmaneau of the English words "cobra" and "commander". This does not make him Cobra Commander.

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