The name or term Combatron refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Combatron (disambiguation).
The Combatrons are a Predacon subgroup in the Beast Era portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The Combatrons are a group of four Predacons who transform into military jet fighters. They rarely act as a team, instead preferring to work in groups of two. The Combatrons are...


Beast Wars II anime

The Combatrons were under the command of Galvatron and Megastorm as they went to Gaea in order to drain the planet of its energy. The New Forces Arrive! The Predacons soon located a massive Gaean computer, and used its data to scan themselves alternate modes based on weapons from Gaea's past. The Combatrons took the forms of various jet fighters (or in BB's case, a stealth bomber). White Lion, Run!

Eventually, the Combatrons were all upgraded into Cyborg Beasts.

Beast Wars II manga

Combatrons were kicked into a "hotspring" after they served the "wrong" drink to Gigastorm, who became furious.

After a while, they found themselves became extremely ugly were upgrade into the Cyborg Beasts and found a warning notification sign set by the Auto Rollers.


Beast Wars II

The Combatrons were redecos of Generation 2 and Machine Wars toys. Starscream and BB were sold together as an Ultra-class package, whilst Dirge and Thrust were sold separately as Basic-class toys. The four Combatrons did not share any specific gimmicks, although Starscream and BB could combine while Dirge and Thrust were flipchangers.