Command Units are a type of Decepticlone from the Transformers (PS2) video game in the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.


Middle management from hell.

Command Units are among the most intelligent of the AI-driven Decepticlones. They are most often put in command of squads of Light Units and Medium Units to coordinate their attacks more efficiently (such as making them form a defensive line, lock-on to a target or initiate a charge). As such, Command Units should be an Autobot's primary target, as the lesser units tend to get disoriented once they stop receiving orders from the Command Unit, making them easier to destroy. Command Units seem somewhat malicious in their approach to destroying the Autobots; they do not always attack on sight, preferring to sneak up behind them and deal surprise attacks. Command Units can be especially difficult to deal with when in groups of two or more, as they will co-ordinate attacks with one another in order to prevent an Autobot from retaliating.

All Command Units are equipped with a large broadsword, attached to their left forearm, that is capable of cleaving through Autobots with ease. Command Units are capable of leaping extremely long distances, usually in order to deliver a flying strike with their swords. Command Units will utilize their shoulder-mounted missiles for ranged combat; often they will fire off a single shot in order to try and deal some quick damage or alert nearby Decepticlones. Engaging in melee combat against a Command Unit is very risky, as they are very proficient and almost always send their opponents flying. Some Command Units have stealth technology installed, making them partially invisible and easy to overlook. They tend to drop this field once they get in close to attack, however.

Command Units also have the capability to fire a flare from the middle of their swords to signal for reinforcements if their numbers are getting low.

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