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Complete Go-Bots Power! was an unreleased ten-page coloring book featuring the Go-Bots characters intended to be released at OTFCC 2003. Though the contents were approved by Hasbro, the cover was not[1], but Hasbro's edict was received too close to the date of the convention to create and get approved a new cover. The artist was David Willis.

Nine of the pages were filled with known Go-Bots characters such as Strong-Bot, Speed-Bot, and Cheetor, but the first page was a "mystery bot" drawing of the Strong-Bot toy. The original idea was for the coloring book to be distributed at OTFCC 2003's "Mini-Con" childrens room, and the best coloration of the "mystery bot" character would be made into an exclusive Go-Bots toy the following year. Of course, with the book's rejection, this never came to pass.

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  1. Hasbro wanted the cover to look more like the "Dreamwave House Style."

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