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Cyclonus captures Billy and Fred to trade them for the Mini-Cons.

Hungarian title: Túszok ("Hostages")


Billy and Fred remember Hot Shot's rescue while Fred eats chips. They see Rad and the gang and go after them. Cyclonus sees Rad going into a forest and followes. When he fails to catch Rad, he grabs Billy and Fred, instructing Rad to tell Optimus Prime to bring the Mini-Cons to an old mining town if he wants Billy and Fred. When the Autobots reach the town, a battle begins while Billy and Fred (unsuccessfully) try to capture Leader-1. Rad, Carlos, Alexis, and the Mini-Cons find them, only to be captured by Megatron. Optimus surrenders the Mini-Cons at first, but Megatron (to no one's surprise) tricks him. Hot Shot lands a punch, forcing Megatron to drop the children and Mini-Cons, except for Rad. Fred uses Laserbeak long enough to distract Megatron while Hot Shot punches him, (again) and Billy and Fred finally meet the Autobots.


Original airdate: ???

Written by: ???

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