Convoy is an Autobot and Maximal rank of leadership throughout many Japanese series. It is similar in many ways to the American rank of "Prime". The rank was named in honor of Convoy (the Japanese name for Optimus Prime).

In the Generation One continuity, an Autobot did not have to achieve a Convoy rank to be the Supreme Commander. The structured ranking of Convoys was not established until the era of the Beast Wars.

Unlike those in the American fiction with a rank of "Prime", a Convoy isn't the Supreme Commander of the Maximals as a whole (that job belongs to the Convoy Council). Virtually any high ranking Maximal General is a Convoy, and they are instead the Supreme Commander of a crew of Maximals. They typically possess their own Matrix, most often an Energon Matrix.

Whether it's a requirement of the rank or just bizarre coincidence, many Convoys share quite a few common design elements, generally based on the original Optimus Prime/Convoy.

Known Convoys

Generation One/2

Robot Masters

Beast Wars

Beast Wars Neo manga

Car Robots

Micron Legend/Super Link

Galaxy Force

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The name "Convoy" derives from "Battle Convoy", the Japanese name of Optimus Prime in Diaclone toyline, because the name "Optimus Prime" is difficult for Japanese kids to remember and pronounce. [1]


  1. Figure-Oh No. 114

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