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Cop-Bot is a Playskool Go-Bot in the Go-Bots continuity.

A highly-trained police agent, Cop-Bot specializes in law enforcement and peacekeeping. He uses his speedy vehicle forms to go from planet to planet, helping Go-Bots teams throughout the galaxy.


No fictional appearances.


Playskool Go-Bots

  • Cop-Bot (Mission: Earth, 2003)
A blue and white police cruiser, recolored from the Fire-Bot/Prowl-Bot mold, which was in turn remolded from the original Speedbot toy.
  • Cop-Bot (Basic Go-Bot, 2005)
A surprise in 2005: Cop-Bot was released as a blue, white, and silver motorcycle. Redecoed from the Buzzer-Bot (motorcycle) toy.

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