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This article is about the Decepticon soldier. For the Autobot ambassador, see Crosscut (Autobot).
Crosscut is a Decepticon from the Generation One continuity family.


A Decepticon warrior stationed in Darkmount, Crosscut should have called in sick the day they started testing the Space Bridge.

Portuguese name (Brazil comic): Transversal


Marvel Comics continuity

Crosscut died when he was commanded by Decepticon Warlord Straxus to cross the new Space Bridge... and promptly exploded due to a faulty fuel line making the Bridge unstable. His remains were then ordered to be swept up by another luckless (unnamed) soldier, who also went ker-flooey. Shrapnel was spared having to go get both of them when he reported on the faulty line and Straxus stopped sending Decepticons to their trans-dimensional death.

Blaster later would use this information to defeat Straxus. The Bridge to Nowhere!

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