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Not a crossdresser.

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Still not a crossdresser.

The Crossformers are a Decepticon subgroup from the Generation One continuity family.

Know a slob that needs to be bumped off? A stool-pigeon in need of a new pair of concrete tennis shoes? A school bus full of French orphans that are just asking for it? The Crossformers will do the deed, so long as the price is right. These villainous space gangsters are as unscrupulous as they are deadly, and unlike Earth gangsters, can't be distracted with pasta.

The Crossformers are:


Victory anime

The Crossformers were hired to make trouble on the planet Micro, but both were defeated by Greatshot.


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Released as part of the Japanese Victory series in 1989, the two Crossformers are redecos/retools of two of the Hasbro Mega Pretenders; Black Shadow uses the Thunderwing mold, while Blue Bacchus is made from Crossblades. While their inner robot molds are unchanged, the outer shells' chest/head parts were altered to make them robotic rather than organic-looking.

The molds' functionality remains, however; each shell can carry the inner robot, as well as transform into a vehicle on its own. The inner robots' vehicle modes can also attach to the shells' vehicle modes to create super-vehicles.

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  • In Japanese, Black Shadow's function reads "Uchuu Gyangu" (宇宙ギャング), which translates to "Space Gangster". The common misconception that he is a member of the "Space Mafia" is due to a mistranslation some years ago in which "gangster" was interpreted as "Mafia". Big difference.
  • The Crossformers' ID numbers are actually a huge jump backwards in the numbering system. The other Victory Decepticons' numbers start at D-322. However, Shadow and Bacchus' numbers put them right in the middle of the Masterforce Decepticons' numbers, between 1988's Browning and BlackZarak, even though the Crossformers were released in 1989. What the hell?