Crow Convoy is a Maximal Supreme Commander in the Beast Wars Neo portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Not as gothy as the Crow, but still pretty lame. Also, both are way lamer than Crow T. Robot.

Crow Convoy is a high-ranking Supreme Commander of Convoy rank. He is mostly a tactician and not much of a warrior. He is horribly deformed after a beast-scan mishap, resulting in a constantly tilted head and mismatched animal and robot parts. He is very sensitive about his deformity, so don't make fun of him.

He commands the Seventh Fleet Flagship, Nanatsunoko.


Beast Wars Neo manga

Note: The Beast Wars Neo manga takes place in an alternate timeline from the Neo cartoon.

Crow Convoy served alongside Big Convoy during several campaigns against the Predacon rebels, led by Magmatron. Crow Convoy was busy dressing down Big Convoy after the successful obliteration of a Predacon citadel when Big Convoy made light of Crow Convoy's horrible deformities. The jerk.

Crow Convoy crumbled into sobbing bits, unloading the story of how he came to be such an unsightly freak. Before he could finish his tale, Great Convoy interrupted, berating Big Convoy for his over-zealous destructive attitude and insubordinance. Great Convoy then sent Big Convoy to train some Maximal new recruits as a test to earn his Energon Matrix.

Crow Convoy never got to finish his story.

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