The cyber-virus is an evil... thing in the Dreamwave portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Megatron's cyber-virus fuses human DNA with Transformer central circuitry. The resulting virus spreads organically, then solidifies into metal, transforming Earth's landscape into a semblance of the planet Cybertron.

Once it begins spreading, the virus is self-sustaining.


Prime Directive Megatron created the cyber-virus by merging the essences of Lazarus's captured soldiers with the captured Autobots. The process left the Autobots near death, and the humans... not-so-near.

Wheeljack invented an anti-viral weapon, directly channeling the Autobots' life-energy to halt the virus's progress and reverse the changes it had wrought.

Though the cyber-virus's transformation was reversed, the humans transformed by it seem not to have survived the reversion.


  • The cyber-virus was not named in the course of Prime Directive proper; the term comes from advertising copy hyping upcoming issues.

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