The Cyberbee is a piece of Predacon technology from the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The Cyberbee is one of Scorponok's drone inventions, used for surveillance and sabotage. He has modified a few to carry viruses and explosives.


Beast Wars cartoon

Scorponok's Cyberbee made its debut attaching itself to Optimus Primal in an attempt to weaken him and make him a coward. Instead, out of Scorponok's own incompetence, it turned him into a berserker. He gained control only long enough to get out, then go Rambo on the Predacons. Megatron offered him a deal: his allegiance in exchange for the anti-virus. Optimus refused and proceeded to rip the bee off of himself, initiating the detonation sequence, and threw it square on the back of Megatron's neck. Cheetor grabbed the anti-virus and injected it into Optimus, reviving him. Scorponok pulled the bee off of Megatron just in time for it to blow up in their faces (quite literally). Gorilla Warfare

It was used once again to scout out the Flying Island, allowing Scorponok to see what exactly was there. Unfortunately, Tigatron got a hold of it and reprogrammed it to send a message to the Maximals. Cheetor automatically shot at the bee when it arrive, but thankfully, he missed. The Trigger, Part 1


Beast Wars

  • Scorponok (Mega, 1996)
The action figure came with the Cyberbee feature which can be activated by pressing a button. It is a miniature automorphing bee that pops out of Scorponok's right pincer.

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