Cybertitanium is a substance in the Japanese Generation 2 and Robots in Disguise continuities families.

Cybertitanium (セイバーチタニウム, se-i-baa-chi-ta-ni-u-mu) is apparently a very strong kind of metal, possibly from the Transformers' home planet of Cybertron. Firebot's chassis is made out of it, making him practically unbeatable in battle[1]. Meanwhile, Dangar's Cybertitanium caterpillar tank treads enable him to traverse any road, no matter how rough[2].


  • The "cyber" in "Cybertitanium" is written with the katakana used for the Transformers' home planet of Cybertron (セイバー, se-i-baa) rather than the katakana that make up the "cyber" in Cybertron, the Japanese name for the Autobots (サイバ, sa-i-ba). Ergo, the metal likely derives from that world.
  • So far, this metal has only been mentioned on two Japanese tech specs. Obscure!

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