This article is about the Autobot bases in the Energon cartoon. For the first episode of the Energon cartoon, see Cybertron City (episode).
Cybertron Cities are bases in the Energon cartoon portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Cybertron Cities (or Cyber Cities) are Autobot bases in Earth's Solar system intended to lay claim on Energon Points and eventually mine and refine any Energon found there. The Cybertron Cities on Earth and the moon also form the base of Energon Towers as part of Earth's Energon Grid.

Note: While fans like to pretend that Cybertron City is a logical extension of 'Cybertron', an in-fiction term used to refer to the Transformer species, let us not kid ourselves. In Japan the Autobots are 'Cybertrons,' and like Cybertron Base, these are untranslated instances of 'Autobot City'.

Cybertron Cities

On Earth:

Elsewhere in the solar system:

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