Cybertron Galactic Systems is a communications company in the live-action movie continuity family.
Cybertron galactic systems logo

Cybertron Galactic Systems is a communications network capable of reaching from Cybertron to Earth. It can easily bridge interstellar distances and interface with its terminals for live communications or data transfer.

The Cybertron Galactic Systems transmitter/receiver takes the form of a floating silver Autobot badge ~8in (20cm) high. It can transform into a data terminal for easier access, though this function may not be needed for Transformers who are able to access its functions directly.

Cybertron Galactic Systems appears to be a commercial enterprise based out of Cybertron providing this service.


Cybertron galactic systems terminal

Reach out and touch someone.

Online game

While the Autobots' communications system was being jammed the Lunchables Brigade used Cybertron Galactic Systems to receive essential data files before transferring them to Optimus Prime indirectly. Datafile Decoder

It is not clear how the Lunchables Brigade received the their terminals in the first place, but each member has one in their room.

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