The Cybertronian Squid is a lifeform found both deep in tunnels on Cybertron as well as inside the coolant tanks aboard Trypticon. They are capable of both flying through the air and swimming in coolant. They have an umbrella-shaped main body and three tentacles trailing behind it. They are docile unless disturbed in which case they try to flee rather than fight. If shot at or impacted by a flying Transformer they explode violently.


  • They can be found in Cybertron's deep tunnels. They are also found in the area directly before the Core chamber where they can be seen flying around. The instability caused by the corruption and the corrupted worm sends boulders falling down that crushes some of them. The final location that they are found is in Trypticon's coolant. Some can be seen apparently attached to the floor of the coolant tanks while others swim around.
  • They resemble a mechanical cross between a jellyfish and a squid.
  • Some appear to have only two tentacles rather than the typical three.

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