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The Transformers use various of vehicles to transport themselves on Cybertron.

Autobot vehicles
  • Train
A transport vehicle able to move over a track.
  • Autobot Dropship
A dropship able to carry troops.
Decepticon vehicles
  • Wall crawler
A spider-like vehicle with two paws it can move up and down, not sideways.
  • Decepticon dropship
Unlike the Autobot dropship, the Decepticon dropship has a more streamlined body.
  • Decepticon war ship
Looks much like the dropship, but the warship has cannons, and might be a bit bigger.

Of course, Cybertronians can transform into different vehicle modes

  • Cybertronian Car
  • Cybertronian Jet
  • Cybertronian Truck
  • Cybertronian Tank

These vehicles vary by classes, for example: The Decepticon tanks are divided into Crushers, Eradicators, Destroyers and Drone Destroyers.


  • Omega Supreme's vehicle mode looks much like the Autobot dropships.

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