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D-Go is an Autobot Micromaster from the Return of Convoy portion of the Generation One continuity family.

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D-go (also transliterated as "Deego" and "Diego") combines with his teammates to form Sixliner. He has the wonderful fortune of being the only steam engine on a team full of bullet train locomotives.


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Micromaster Collection


Return of Convoy

  • Sixliner (Micro Transformer Six-Team, 1991)
Japanese ID number:
Originally released in a giftset with his fellow Micromaster trains, D-Go transforms into a steam locomotive. His rear hitch allows him to connect end-to-end with his teammates Alan, Joe, and Spark. He forms Sixliner's butt.
No, seriously. He does.
This mold was also used to make San Diego (the robot, not the city) and Universe Overload.

Micromaster Collection

  • D-Go (Micromaster Sixtrain, 2002)
    • Sixtrain ID number:
    • Accessories:
D-Go and his teammates were re-released in Japan in 2002, this time sold in identical individual boxes. D-Go was #1 in the set, identifiable only by the number on his instruction sheet visible through a small hole in the box. Like the rest of the Micromaster Collection figures, D-Go's stickers were either replaced with tampographs or dropped entirely.


  • D-Go is generally meant to resemble, and most likely named after, the D51 steam locomotive, since "go" is "five" in Japanese.

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