Dr. Phil really has it out for anything after 1986.

Dan DiDio was an executive at Mainframe Entertainment assigned to the Transformers franchise during the third season of Beast Wars. Dan is best known for being the producer who informed Marv Wolfman that Beast Wars had no ties to the original series and to do as he pleased with G1 continuity when outlining Beast Machines, and then instructed Bob Skir and Marty Isenberg to disregard any previous incarnations of the series in writing Beast Machines, as Beast Wars was too "continuity-heavy"[1].

In his spare time, Dan also enjoys ruining the DC Comics universe, where his current plan seems to be killing off every character you ever liked. Also, he was the one who cancelled ReBoot. There are rumors about him tackling Christmas next.

It is at best debatable whether or not he's as bad as or worse than Joe Quesada.


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