Darhos is a planet in the Headmasters portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Planet Darhos

The natural resources of the planet Darhos are clustered in the southern hemisphere, where the majority of the population lies. In the past, the planet was a veritable paradise, with wealth and produce divided equally among the inhabitants, and everyone living in peace. As time went on, however, certain groups began to monopolise control of the resources and money, leading to vast class split. Now, the planet’s decadent ruling class lives in the lap of luxury, eating, drinking and enjoying the pleasures of the flesh amidst architecture and fashion that seems a mad blend of many of Earth’s ancient cultures, while the poverty-stricken citizens live in slums. Should the disenfranchised attempt to rise up against their self-proclaimed masters, they would be captured and thrown into labor camps in the barren northern hemisphere.

RTM dub name: Tetris


Headmasters animated series


Tonight we're gonna party like it's A.D. 49.

The Decepticons established contact with Darhos at some unidentified point – it is possible, though never directly stated, that it was with their aid that the ruling class came to power. From Darhos, they acquired the seeds for a carnivorous plant which they then unleashed on San Francisco, but which had its weeds thoroughly whacked by Fortress Maximus.

Later, during their interplanetary quest for energy, the Decepticons stopped on Darhos to take their share of the planet’s energy as payment for their help. Hot on their enemies’ trail, the Autobot Headmasters landed on the planet’s icy northern hemisphere, where helped take the survivors of a penal colony slaughtered by the Decepticons to safety. Once aboard Battleship Maximus, however, the criminals took Daniel Witwicky hostage, intending to bargain his life for control of the battleship, with which they hoped to lead a rebellion to retake their planet. Daniel was able to escape their clutches, and Fortress froze them in a stasis field – defeated, the three men revealed the desperate situation of their planet, and Fortress agreed to help them.

Learning that one of the planet’s labor camps included among its prisoners the Battle Beast known as Tekna, who was part of the team who had constructed Scorponok’s Transtector, Chromedome and Highbrow set out searching for him, only to see him killed by Weirdwolf. Subsequently, the Autobots forced the Decepticons off the planet, and the ruling class offered the Autobots energy to fulfil the role the Decepticons had. Daniel refused on their behalf, and the Autobots saw to it that they were deposed.

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