Dark Claw Mode is a combination between Megatron and Nemesis Breaker.

Japanese name: Liger Megatron


Cybertron anime

After returning from death, Megatron used the power of his Armor of Unicron to restore the wounded Crumplezone (Cybertron), gaining a new body for himself.

When the Autobots realized his return, Leobreaker attacked Megatron on his own. Megatron then used the rest of the mist around him, to create a new warrior for himself: Nemesis Breaker. Nemesis Breaker battled Leobreaker and soundly defeated him. Megatron, who was proud of his newest Creation, ordered him to combine with him into Dark Claw Mode. The two of them beat Leobreaker to the ground, until Optimus Prime arrived. The two Autobots then combined into Savage Claw Mode, but were evenly matched. They retreated and Optimus returned with Wing Saber. After two short battles, the power of Sonic Wing Mode proved to be too much for Megatron and he retreated. Memory


  • Unlike Savage Claw Mode, Nemesis Breaker normaly attaches to Megatrons left arm.
  • The Cyber Key Power activates Nemesis Breaker claws, which have the power to throw strong enemies far away, except for Optimus, when he's in Savage Claw Mode and does the same.
  • Megatron uses this form until Nemesis Breaker was destroyed in a battle with Metroplex. After his reformating, Galvatron didn't rebuild him.