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Transformers: Dark of the Moon: The Score is the album featuring the original instrumental music composed by Steve Jablonsky for the third live-action Transformers film. It was released June 24th 2011 on iTunes by Paramount Pictures.


  1. Dark Side of the Moon - The opening song showing Sentinel escaping Cybertron
  2. Sentinel Prime - Optimus and Ratchet recovering Sentinel
  3. Lost Signal
  4. In Time You'll See - Sentinel attacks NEST and Optimus looks at wreckage
  5. Impress Me - Sam goes through his job interviews
  6. We Were Gods Once - Sentinel activates the Sppace Bridge.
  7. Battle - Autobot Convoy is moving through Chicago, while Brains shouts "Autobot victory! Autobot victory!"
  8. There Is No Plan - Autobot Convoy approaches the Xantium and say goodbye to Sam.
  9. We All Work for the Decepticons - The Decepticon army arrives at Chicago
  10. The Fight Will Be Your Own - The Xantium launches and explodes
  11. Shockwave's Revenge - Driller drills into the skyscraper and topples it
  12. No Prisoners, Only Trophies - Soundwave executes Que, and is about to kill Bumblebee
  13. The World Needs You Now - Lennox rallying troops for a Chicago assault
  14. It's Our Fight - Optimus' path of destruction through the Decepticon forces.
  15. I'm Just the Messenger - Sam fights Dylan - Sentinel activates the pillars to bring Cybertron to earth.
  16. I Promise - Camera shot showing Optimus after he defeats Sentinel and Megatron
  17. Our Final Hope

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