"Dark Rising" is a five-part mini series of Transformers: Prime. This is also the beginning of the series which aired from November to December 2010.


Human Jack Darby discovers the existence of the Autobots by stumbling upon a motorcycle that transforms into Arcee. Unbeknownst to him or his two friends Miko and Raf, Arcee is just one of the many Autobots fighting against the Decepticons.

With Cliffjumper missing, the Autobots go full force to find him. Meanwhile, Megatron grows stronger as he obtains more and more Dark Energon.

When Agent Fowler is kidnapped by Starscream and the Decepticons, Bulkhead goes on a rescue mission with Miko by his side.

Optimus Prime and Ratchet struggle to take on Megatron's newly resurrected Terrorcons while Bulkhead, Arcee and Bumblebee battle the Decepticons in order to rescue Agent Fowler, who's imprisoned on the Nemesis.

Megatron sets his sights on resurrecting the fallen Cybertronians with the use of his Dark Energon. Now Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots must fight back and protect the planet from destruction.


"What are they?"
"Talking cars that turn into robots... or the other way around."

Jack answers Raf's question and raises a good point.


Arcee, swearing profusely.

"Friend of yours?"

—Jack and Arcee, talking about Bumblebee.

"What kept you?"

Transformers and humans share a common enemy.

"You there! Fetch me a sample!"
"Starscream. Now that I have returned, I will issue the commands."
"I understand, Lord Megatron"

Megatron putting Starscream in his place.

"Plucked from cosmic shores, gaze upon Dark Energon!"
"Legend tells that it holds the power to revive the dead."
"We require only a cadaver to be certain. Are you willing to make the ultimate sacrifice?"

—Megatron asking a weeee little bit too much of Starscream.

"Seven wrecks, 34 fender-benders, a 3 hour traffic jam and of particular note, numerous reports of a speeding motorcycle of unknown make and black and yellow custom muscle car. So, anything you care to get off your tin chest, Prime?"

Fowler's first line in the series.

"They're back aren't they?"
"If you are referring to the Decepticons, I have doubts that they ever left. You're planet is much too valuable"

—Fowler and Prime, the latter showing that he refuses to underestimate the Decepticons. Quite wisely too.

"Bulkhead, I needed that!"

Ratchet's catchphrase

"That's your plan?! Bring Autobots back from the dead to attack us?"

—Starscream has some minor scruples about Megatron's new plan.

"Maximum overdrive!"

—Like saying "Roll out", just longer/differently.

"Besides, Ratchet hasn't been in the field since the war."
"My pistons may be rusty but my hearing is sharp as ever!"

—Arcee and Ratchet arguing about Ratchet's physical and mental state

"For the moment, it's only reconnaissance"
"Then why do I hear an edge in your voice?"

—Optimus and Arcee on the then-future zombie situation


  • This is the first series pilot to show someone finally dead. The Rock preferred to have only a guest appearance so they killed off the character.
  • Some of these episodes have references to a closely related TF videogame, War for Cybertron. For instance, Megatron is the only one to control Dark Energon and Starscream warns him about it.
  • Bulkhead does the Wrecking Ball, just like his Animated self, and without the string/metal rope thing attached.
    • Yet he doesn't know what a Space Bridge is, very unlike his animated self.
  • Raw Energon shaped like a crystal is not that different to the Beast Wars's energon.
  • Autobots being secretive? So what? we can always do a second shot.
  • Some of the Transformers are based on their Movie and Animated counterparts. Namely Bulkhead and Megatron.
  • This is the first TV series since the release of Robots in Disguise to not be aired on Cartoon Network. CN fans are crying.
    • But some countries (The UK for instance) air this on CN.
  • The scene where Miko asks who made the Autobots, and Ratchet replies "Oh, puh-leese." is a reference to all of the different origin stories of the Transformers.

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