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Megatron orders the zombie army to attack Optimus and Ratchet.


Megatron is now at full symbiosis with his Decepticon zombie army, and orders them to destroy Ratchet and Optimus while they fight back. During the fight, Ratchet notices that when he "dissects" the zombies, they die easier/faster, so he suggests Optimus to do the same. Meanwhile at the Nemesis, the Decepticons have opened fire on Jack and Raf. Bulkhead has ordered the children to stay put while he goes up to fight the 'cons on the Nemesis. When he checks on the kids he notices that Miko is not among them while she is in his chest telling him she heaved (threw up) on him and tried to remind him not to do that again... which did not work. Jack and Raf think that Bulkhead and Miko have forgotten them, but two Vehicons capture them. As the Vehicons are taking Jack and Raf to the brig, Arcee and Bumblebee save them, Raf happy to see Bee. Starscream is trying to get the location of the Autobot HQ out of Fowler, but he is giving him crap when he "forgets" the location of which government base it is at.

Back at the zombie battle, Optimus and Ratchet notice that the exposure to Dark Energon is wearing them down and groups of zombies tackle them both. Megatron thinks he has them finished, but Optimus digs his way and goes to Ratchet's location, blasts one in the head and pulls an Ultra Magnus moment by smashing two Decepti-zombies together. Back on the Nemesis, Arcee, Bumblebee, and Bulkhead clear a room for the kids to stay in. Miko and Jack begin arguing about if they would've gotten killed or not. Jack notices a screen with some math equation and asks Raf if knows about it.

When they all get back to base Miko shows Optimus and Ratchet the photo of the Space Bridge specs. Jack doesn't want to be a part of the Autobots anymore so he leaves and Miko goes to his house to convince him he is more than he thinks he is. On the Nemesis, Starscream has officially pissed off Megatron... sounds familiar, and gets a beat down from him. Ratchet realizes that the math code is the engineering specs of the Space Bridge. Optimus explains to Bulkhead what a space bridge is... this is officially a first.

Trival Miko and jack constantly arguing similar to how Ben and Gwen did in the original series of ben 10.

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