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Megatron attempts to bring his Decepti-zombie army from Cybertron to Earth using his Space Bridge.


Jack bikes to work in the morning to find Arcee waiting for him. She tries to convince him to come back to base with her and tells him that she isn't ready to say goodbye to another friend. Ratchet informs the Autobots in the base that he as pinpointed the location of the Space Bridge. Miko asks why they can't just ground bridge there, to which Ratchet explains that the technology is not meant to be used at such long range. Optimus however, overrides this remark by saying that they will have to risk it in order to get to the Space Bridge before Megatron. Arcee returns, having convinced Jack to come back with her. The human children and Ratchet say bye to the Bots as they prepare to go through the Ground Bridge to space.

In space, the Autobots gravitize their feet to the Space Bridge's surface and Megatron's ship approaches. The Bots draw their weapons and take up offensive stances. On board the Nemesis, Megatron insults Starscream while they wait for Soundwave to lock onto Cybertron's coordinates. The Bots, wondering what's taking so long, notice the damage Bulkhead did to the ship's interstellar navigation system. Without it, the Nemesis can't pinpoint the Space Bridge to target Cybertron. Optimus believes that Megatron knows of a different method to locate the planet. Ratchet firmly states that no Earth-base radio telescope is powerful enough to target Cybertron. Raf explains to them that the linked arrays in Texas would be strong enough to accomplish what Megatron wants. Ratchet is quick to dismiss him, but Optimus is willing to listen. He then suggests that Agent Fowler alert the array staff to the security hazard. Unfortunately, Fowler is still unconscious from his time in Con captivity. Raf tries hacking the array's firewalls but they're too thick. However, Jack suggests they ground bridge inside to access it. Optimus feels that the risk is too great, suspecting that the Decepticons will be there, perhaps even on sight. Jack reasons that this is bigger than the safety of three humans. Miko backs him up, stating that if the Decepticons win, the Earth is doomed. Once getting Raf's assurances that he can do it, Optimus sanctions their effort. Meanwhile, the Autobots are engaged by Decepticon Vehicons.

Raf discovers that the Decepticons are already hacking into the dishes' system, spotting the same alien math they saw on the Nemesis on the computers, and begins to work on it himself. Unbeknown to the children, Soundwave is hacking into the system from the neighboring room. As the dishes align with Cybertron, Raf counters the Decepticon's controls and shifts them away. Soundwave is alerted to their presence, begins shifting the dishes back, and attacks the children with a mechanical tentacle. Instead of killing them though, he takes an axe from the room and severs the hardline, effectively locking the array onto Cybertron. Starscream immediately activates the Bridge and Megatron launches his chunk of Dark Energon over the Autobots and through the portal. Cybertron's undead begin to rise.

Knowing they'll be outnumbered, Optimus figure out a way to destroy the Space Bridge, the only possible solution to save Earth from the army of Terrorcons. Ratchet states that if he know how the Space Bridge was engineered, he would direct them on how to sabotage it. Raf answers that by showing schematics he downloaded from the array base. Ratchet reminds Optimus that the Space Bridge is their only hope of returning to Cybertron, but agrees to, "Light our darkest hour." Optimus sends the Bots to the other side of the Bridge, while he stays to meet and fight Megatron. The two arch enemies battle as the undead army comes closer. But before Megatron could deliver the final blow, Starscream informs him that the Autobots are attempting to sabotage the Space Bridge. Megatron commends Prime for his strategy and muse he would've made a fine Decepticon. Optimus then blocks Megatron's blow, declaring that he chose his side and blasts him off the Bridge, where he transforms and goes to meet his army. During this time, the Bots under the Bridge succeed in reversing the current of the energy going through it, just before Megatron passes by and shoots Arcee off into space. The Bridge begins to destroy itself, so the Bots evacuate through their Ground Bridge (Bee grabs Arcee as he jumps) while Megatron is caught in the explosion of the Space Bridge. Starscream announces his intent to take over as leader of the Decepticons.

The Bots return to Base, where they worry momentarily for Arcee, who requires repairs, but is still functional. Fowler, having recovered, thanks the Autobots for saving Earth. Miko asks if this is the part where the children have to say goodbye to the Autobots forever. Her question is answered in Optimus's closing narration, where he states that the Transformers take strength from the bonds they share with the children and that the Autobots will guard their new home and its inhabitants from any threat.


"Surely lord Megatron, the Autobots are up to something."
"Really Starscream."

—Starscream is demoted from Air Commander to Captain Obvious.

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