The name or term Dash refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Dash (disambiguation).
Dash is an Autobot in the Victory portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The cartoon really played down his hammerpants.

Dash will tell you some 'bots are made for fighting, some for thinking, and some are just made for speed. Dash is definitely the latter. He is one of the fastest ground-based Autobots around, capable of great speed, though always willing to say he can go faster. Who needs a big brain or a big gun when you can move faster than Blurr can talk? If the meaning of life is to live fast and leave a pretty chassis, then Dash is ready to join the Allspark. As a member of Multiforce team, Dash is teamed with the rough and tough Tacker and makes the right arm of Landcross.


Victory cartoon

Voice actor: Yūki Satō, formerly Hiroyuki Satō (Japan)



  • Dashtacker (1989)
Japanese ID number: C-317
Dash transforms into a red sports car of unknown design. He came packaged with his partner, Tacker, or as part of the complete Landcross giftset.

Micromaster Collection

  • Dash (Micromaster, 2002)
A reissue of Dash, this version replaces the stickers with paint applications.

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