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A databank is a component of Transformer anatomy the function of which is not entirely explained.

Really, I don't have a clue on what it does beyond the fact that its mentioned several times....


Generation One cartoon continuity

When Optimus Prime was badly wounded after a Decepticon attack, Huffer did not think the repairs would go well as he felt it in his databanks. Divide and Conquer

From this, one could infer that a Transformer's databank is analogous with a human's "gut," as in the phrase "I just know it in my gut that this won't work." Whether the databank is related to the trilithium stomach is anyone's guess.

During the Decepticon assault on an Autobot bunker, Prime said the heat from the enemy's weapon fire was strong enough to cook their databanks and informed his troops to pull back. Auto Berserk

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