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Deadly Paradise is a UK storybook set in the Generation One continuity family.
Deadlyparadise cover

When Sideswipe is falsely convicted of destroying the Nova Suspension Bridge, Prowl takes a team of Autobots to Carob Island in search of the truth.

Vital Statistics

ISBN 0-361-07285-6
Writer: Gerry Bailey
Illustrator: Angus McKie
Pagecount: 29pp

Major characters:

Originally published: In the UK by Purnell Books, 1986



  • The art in this book is just hilarious with many characters being based on their toys, such as Bumblebee's head being painted onto a block.
  • One of the most violent deaths in Transformers history occurs in this book when Windcharger crushes Starscream. Jeez, that guy just can't catch a break.
  • When Prime gets pissed off, smoke comes out of his smokestacks.

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