The name or term Deathcobra refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Deathcobra (disambiguation).
Deathcobra is a Decepticon from the Victory portion of the Generation One continuity family.

You! Fetch me a band-aid... This I Command!

Deathcobra is a stern, strict, professional soldier. All the things Hellbat is not, which is why Hellbat is so threatened by him. Deathcobra transforms into a "Hind" Mi-24 assault helicopter.

Like each of the smaller Breastforce members, he has a Breast Animal partner who also forms his hand-held blaster. However, this partner is only ever shown in blaster form, though it presumably transforms into a robotic snake, what with the "cobra" theme and all that. He can also form part of Liokaiser (presumably as an arm), though he has never truly been given the opportunity.

English/Malay dub name: Cobra


Victory cartoon

Voice actor: Tomomichi Nishimura (Japanese)

Deathcobra was summoned by Deathsaurus to join his cadre of warriors and complete the team that would form the goliath Liokaiser. However, he was intercepted on his way to the Decepticons' base by Hellbat, who begged him to just go away, fearing that with Deathcobra on the team, his usefulness was at an end. He actually was right, since he heard Leozack's talk of replacing him with Deathcobra.

Naturally, Deathcobra told Hellbat to stick it in his reactor linkage, and the jittery Hellbat threatened to shoot his rival. Deathcobra advanced anyway, and in a panic, Hellbat actually did shoot him. This led to a firefight where Hellbat was tremendously outclassed, but a wild, lucky shot ended up killing Deathcobra.

Realizing what a deep pile he was in, Hellbat was saved when he realized the fight had been witnessed by the Micromasters Holi and Clipper, letting him place the blame for Deathcobra's death on the Autobots, and ensuring his position as part of Liokaiser. Unite! Liokaiser

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