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This article is about the Robots In Disguise (2001) Predacon (RID) subgroup. For the faction that appears in most continuities, see Decepticon.

The Decepticons were once a ship crew of Autobots who were in protoform statis within a Stasis Pod each, that is until Megatron and his lackeys stole the pods and had them and their occupants scan available vehicles; during which Megatron would infuse his own Spark energy into each of them to change their programming to the side of evil. The Decepticons

Car Robots Combatron

All right, whose brilliant idea was it to make the Combatrons' upside down logo of Optimus Prime's head? Or is that a logo of Darth Vader's head?


In total, there is a count of six Autobot Protoforms that had been reprogrammed by the Predacons:

Together, the Commandos form the gestalt warrior Ruination in either his Ground Mission or Aerial Mission modes.

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