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This article is about the Robots In Disguise (2001) Predacon (RID) subgroup. For the faction that appears in most continuities, see Decepticon.

The Decepticons were once a ship crew of Autobots who were in protoform statis within a Stasis Pod each, that is until Megatron and his lackeys stole the pods and had them and their occupants scan available vehicles; during which Megatron would infuse his own Spark energy into each of them to change their programming to the side of evil and creating a brand new faction. The Decepticons

Car Robots Combatron


In total, there is a count of six Autobot Protoforms that had been reprogrammed by Megatron.

Together, the Commandos form the gestalt warrior Ruination in either his Ground Mission or Aerial Mission modes.