Decepticon Hijack is one of the Big Looker series of Transformers storybooks.

Written by: Regina Weyn
Illustrated by: John Speirs


Optimus Prime is having a great morning, standing "proud and triumphant", bathed in the rising sun atop a jutting cliff. Then he checks his watch and sees that it's 8:00 am and time to head to work. Really. Meanwhile in the camp below Ratchet and Huffer are already hard at work trying to repair all the badly damaged Autobots from the last battle with the Decepticons. Thankfully huge numbers of Generic Autobots are also mulling around apparently helping out.

Suddenly the Seekers blaze by overhead. After they go by and everyone has already noticed, a totally off-model Red Alert runs around yelling "Decepticon Alert!' in everyone's face. Glad they have him around. Oddly the Seekers just circled and didn't attack. Just then Shooting Star phones in with the answer: The Seekers were just a distraction while, nearby, Blitzwing was trying to steal an ordinary Earth oil tanker truck. With this oil the Decepticons could RULE THE EARTH FOREVER!* (*actual Megatron quote.) Blitzwing's sword has de-powered the truck but Sunstreaker re-powers it and the drivers take off. Megatron grabs the precious truck from behind but thankfully the wildly coiffed Swoop sweeps to the rescue and drops an "air to air missile launcher" (yes, you read that right, no it makes no sense to me either) on the 'Cons, saving the day. The humans pass out, Swoop is a hero, and Starscream and some generics retrieve the scrap that used to be Megatron and their teammates.


  • Pretty much every 1985 character featured in this story is at least somewhat off-model, some of them like Red Alert very much so.

Items of note

  • This is Shooting Star's one and only appearance. Given the early off-model versions of several other Season 2 characters within it is possible he originates in an early take on Cosmos, though that is only speculation.

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