Decepticon Poison is a multipath adventure in Generation One.
Decepticon poison

Decepticons! And they have... poison!

Vital Statistics

ISBN 0-345-33073-0
Writer: Judith Bauer Stamper
Illustrator William Schmidt (interior pencils and cover painting)
Pagecount: 73pp
Major characters:

Originally published: by Ballantine Books under the Find Your Fate Junior imprint, 1986


Ramjet has poisoned the Autobots' new fuel shipment, leaving many of them crippled and unable to transform. Can Perceptor find a cure before the Decepticons attack? What will Prowl's mission to the Decepticon Poison Lab uncover? Can they stop the Decepticons from poisoning the human water supply with their mind-control potion?

The answers to all these questions... are up to you!


Decepticon Poison Lab, Lilleth


  • The Decepticon cassettes are mistakenly described as having jet alt-modes, though the art gets things right.
  • Best line of narration ever: Well, somebody's got to save the humans. It may as well be Powerglide.
  • Prowl and Ironhide bait each other at the staff meeting. (Prowl wins.)
  • One of the few instances of Twin Twist among the Autobots on Earth, and the even fewer instances of him appearing without his fellow Jumpstarter, Topspin.

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