The Decepticon Poison Lab is a base in the Generation One continuity family.

Try to imagine a lush valley in the Pacific Northwest, untouched by the hand of man since before time was time.

Then, in your imagination, billow toxic steam out over the valley, a cocktail of chemicals that blights, erodes, pits and sickens. Repeat daily for a couple months while the Deception chemical engineers perfect their mind-control formula.

This is Poison Valley, 100 miles West of Autobot Headquarters, where the natural funneling effects of the terrain have concentrated the toxic byproducts of this research into a hellish wasteland of dead and dying trees, mutated animals, and rivers that pit and corrode even Transformer armor. Don't drink the water.

The Decepticon Poison Lab is located in a cave in the center of the valley, protected by a moat of toxic sludge and watchful Decepticon sentries.

So, yeah... basically the scariest, most inhospitable environment you could possibly imagine. The Decepticons call it 'home.'


Find your Fate Junior

The Decepticons set up shop in Poison Valley to develop a mind-control formula that could be inserted into the local reservoir to make the humans their slaves. When the time came to deploy the formula, they quickly concocted an additional poison, and dosed the regular Autobot fuel delivery to keep them distracted.

Ironically, had the Decepticons not spiked the Autobot fuel supply, their evil plan for the humans might have gone undiscovered. Instead, a crack Autobot infiltration team braved the dangers of Poison Valley to retrieve the antidote, and discovered their plans. The mind control formula was destroyed before it could do any harm.

The Autobots then beat a hasty retreat before anyone could think to ask "But who will clean up the valley?" Decepticon Poison

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