The Decepticon Uprisings were a number of conflicts waged by the Decepticon forces against the Autobots that rule of Cybertron.


Animated cartoon

In the ensuing chaos from the first conflict, a Space Bridge was destroyed. Mission Accomplished

The Decepticon Uprisings had strained the Autobot Elite Guard's resources which allowed Megatron to operate on Earth with relative ease. A Bridge Too Close, Part I

Team Chaar, led by General Strika , battled Rodimus Prime's crew, handily beating them and taking control of space bridge 687-030. Strika contacted Shockwave, the Decepticons' secret agent on Cybertron, with news of their success, but Shockwave commanded the team stay put until they received word from Megatron to invade. This proved to be a bad move, as Ultra Magnus subsequently had the entire space bridge nexus shut down to prevent the Decepticons from using them.

The team remained at the captured bridge, awaiting the word to proceed. When the Elite Guard flagship finally arrived in response to Rodimus's SOS, Strika relished the chance to battle them... but was ordered to retreat by Megatron. Reluctantly, the five Decepticons retreated. TransWarped

The Elite Guard later determined that the Uprising was too coordinated to be a random acts of terror from the Decepticons which suggested to Ultra Magnus that there was a spy present amongst them. TransWarped

Other then that, nothing really big happened.

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