The Decepticon stronghold is a Decepticon base in the Generation One continuity family.
Decepticon stronghold

Compensating for something Shockwave?

The Decepticon stronghold is the Decepticon base in the year 2008 on Cybertron. One of its attractions is an audience chamber which features statues of (presumably) fallen Decepticon heroes.


Marvel Comics UK continuity

Shockwave met his death here-- shocking!

Audience chamber

Stronghold audience chamber

"Whoa, these dudes are WASTED!"

Stronghold audience chamber compensating

Compensating for so- oh, crap, did I already use that one?

The audience chamber is a rounded room lined with memorial markers of noted (presumably fallen) Decepticon heroes, including Megatron. It's used for (surprise!) receiving visitors.

In the center of the room is a tall throne atop a staired podium. The throne itself extends its seatback up towards the ceiling, where a single light shines down directly on the throne. It seems purposefully designed to be a fairly intimidating place to confer with the Decepticon leader.

Shockwave actually has another, less imposing throneroom in the stronghold he uses for day-to-day business.

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