Deceptitran is a Decepticon computer/mechanoid from the Generation One continuity family.

Dery sure does love him some fat, fat robots.

Deceptitran was created and programmed by the Decepticons to harvest energon on a distant planet. Through the use of an army of drones, he enslaved the Tlalakans in order to mine and collect the planet's energon. He even has developed a way to harvest energon directly from the Tlalakans through the use of a machine where they sit and he siphons the Tlalakans' life force through wires and tubes.

As far as personality is concerned, Deceptitran is elitist and high strung with a tendency towards hysterical reactions. He should not be confused with the Transformers who apparently have "souls". He is merely a computer that responds to programming and can be shut off with the press of a button (as Megatron demonstrates when he becomes irritated with Deceptitran's whininess).


The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: Paul Eiding (English), Toshio Ishii (Japanese)

It always worked better with Gelflings.

On a distant planet, Deceptitran lives like a king in his position as head robot for the Decepticons. Unfortunately, the Tlalakans, whom he has enslaved, begin to rebel. Desperate for some backup, Deceptitran sends an encrypted distress call to the Decepticons, which is inadvertently received by the Autobot Seaspray.

The Autobots decide to investigate before realizing that the distress call is for the Decepticons. Seaspray, Bumblebee, Perceptor, and Cosmos are fired on while entering the atmosphere and crash land. They are discovered simultaneously by the Tlaklans and the Decepticon drones. Cosmos is damaged in the crash. (You'd think he'd be used to this by now.)

The Decepticons Megatron, Soundwave, Rumble, Dirge, Astrotrain, and Laserbeak also arrive on the planet and capture Bumblebee. Through the use of the Well of Transformation, Alana, a Tlaklan, transforms into a robot and assists Seaspray in attacking Deceptitran's control room and creating a ruse to deceive the Decepticons into returning to the city to protect the energon. Alana reprograms Deceptitran to obey her and send a fake distress call to Megatron and then have the drones attack the Decepticons. Sea Change


  • You might be forgiven for thinking that this character's name was spelled "Deceptitraan", given that it would nicely parallel the Autobot computer, Teletraan I, but "Deceptitran" is the official spelling, as confirmed by assorted original documents included on Metrodome's Generation One DVD boxsets.