Deceptor is an Autobot from the Generation One continuity family.

Boy time sure flies! Ha ha ha ha ha ha haooooo God please kill me.

Deceptor is one of several Transformers who turn into wristwatches. It is unknown if he retains his small size when in his non-watch modes. He may also be able to manipulate time.


Generation One

  • Deceptor (Kronoform, 1985)
Deceptor is a functional "5-Function" digital wristwatch (Month, day, hour, minutes, seconds. Hell of a range there, huh?) from Takara’s Kronoform line, revived as Transformers merchandise. He transforms from a robot to a jet with a robotic bird-head as his nosecone, and has a third watch mode for when he is attached to the plastic watch-band. He came in at least four different colors; gray, silver, gold, and bronze.


  • Yes, he's an Autobot.
  • Deceptor uses the exact same cross-sell on the back of his packaging as Autoceptor, showing the entire Kronoform line—from 1984. As such, he's not on there.
  • A tan Deceptor is shown as part of the "Watchbot" sub-group in the Japanese Transformers First Series Complete guidebook. However, it is currently unknown if Deceptor was ever offered as a mail-away in Japan like Autoceptor was.

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