Decibel is an Autobot Mini-Cassette combiner in the Headmasters portion of the Generation One continuity family.

What's read and blew all over?

The combined form of Noise and Graphy, Decibel possesses Graphy's speed and Noise's power. Decibel is loyal and obedient to Twincast, but comes off as overly prim and proper to the other Cassette Transformers. His shoulder-mounted Fire Blasters can generate heat up to 9000° C. Decibel is the older brother of Legout. What relationship this gives his components, Noise and Graphy, to Legout is unclear. Perhaps they're half-siblings. Ha!


The Headmasters

  • Graphy and Noise (Mini-Cassettes, 1987)
Decibel is the combined form of the Graphy and Noise toys. Unlike his dinosaur-based components, Decibel is humanoid.

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