Delta Pavonis IV is a planet in the Generation One continuity family.

"Daylight / I must wait for the sunrise / I must think of a new life / And I musn't give in"

Delta Pavonis IV is a planet where the local sapient life forms include anthropomorphic cats and dogs. By 2006 they had achieved a level of technology on par with 20th century Earth, with such amenities as cars and restaurants.

Delta Pavonis IV should not be mistaken for the planet Beest, whose local sapient life forms include rather different anthropomorphic cats and dogs.

The Transformers cartoon


Delta Pavonis planet's perfectly pleasant Pound Puppy population

In 2006, the cat-like aliens on Delta Pavonis IV were incited by the Quintessons' hostile subliminal messages --unwittingly broadcast across the galaxy by the brainwashed Junkions-- to attack their dog-like neighbors. Many of the dog aliens yelped in fear as the violent uprising began, possibly 151 of them. The Big Broadcast of 2006

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