Destination Entertainment was a fan-commune or something.

Destination Entertainment was hired by Dreamwave in 2003 to write the contents of their Generation One More Than Meets The Eye book, a 4-issue prestige-format guidebook. They gave an enthusiastic interview describing the elaborate timeline and direction they had worked out for Dreamwave's Generation One universe.

Destination Entertainment was yanked from the project (Brad Mick and his commensal Adam Patyk took over), the format was changed, and the timeline completely rewritten.

Destination Entertainment later did some work on 2005's Transformers Collector Club Magazine, which folded after one issue. So, yeah, pretty much screwed.


  • Scott Ciencin was apparently given an early version of Destination Entertainment's biographies to work from while writing iBooks' Keepers Trilogy. The Keepers Trilogy is the only place the name Optronix (misspelled Optromix in the interview) is used for Optimus Prime- it was among the many things cut from the final published book.

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